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Phone(03) 8762 5690

Hydronic Heating Experts in Melbourne

What is a Home Heating?
  • Our equipment circulates hot water through the system in order to provide your home with an even temperature.
  • A gas-fired boiler is responsible for warming and pumping water through your underfloor heating system, using either floor coils in a concrete slab or panel radiators.
  • Our boilers are sourced direct from Europe, the world leaders in hydronic home heating systems, ensuring that we use only the most innovative technologies on the market.
Why choose Cambro Boilers?
  • Energy efficient and cost effective heating option
  • Perfect choice for homes with high ceilings
  • Even level of warmth throughout the home
  • Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, as there is no dust circulation or air movement
  • Low maintenance heating equipment
  • 6 year workmanship warranty on all products
  • Thermostatically controlled heating for perfect warmth

This note is largely to say thanks very much for your help, it was a real pleasure working with you. The system is also working like a dream. We would also like to complement Cambro on young Brad and Daniel. They were clearly very competent, efficient, and tidy, and it was a great pleasure to have them around for the day.

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  • Boilers

    Cambro Boilers Melbourne only use units that have been manufactured in and shipped directly from Europe, the world leaders in hydronic heating. We want to ensure that your home in melbourne has been fitted with one of the best boilers on the market so that it will last you for many years without issue. Our boilers are available in a range of types (external, internal and heating only to combination heating and hot water) and can be hooked up to natural gas or LPG.

  • Hydronic Floor/Slab Heating

    Floor heating is perfect for homes in melbourne that are under construction, as it requires pipes to be laid directly into the concrete slab. We have found that slab heating can work in conjunction with most types of flooring (including tiles, timber, natural stone pavers and carpet) and that it is ideal for homes with high ceilings (and will heat these rooms quickly). The lack of air movement also means that the presence of dust and allergens is greatly reduced.

  • Hydronic Heating System

    Cambro Boilers is a proud supplier of hydronic heating systems in melbourne, which will provide your home with a comfortable level of warmth. Some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy include: suitability for asthma and allergy sufferers, eliminates the presence of draughts, silent operation, low maintenance requirements, and an even temperature throughout each room. Our team can help you choose a system that meets your specific needs.

  • Hydronic Heating Radiators

    Radiators are perfect for new or existing homes (subject to accessibility), as they are mounted to the wall in each room that you wish to heat and are fed by pipes laid in either the floor or roof space. Hydronic heating radiators in melbourne are perfectly safe for use around children and pets (the unit will not get anywhere near hot enough to cause burns or fires), and can even have furniture placed directly in front of them. Our team can also install heated towel rails in your bathroom if you desire!